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Mortgage Broker vs Bank

This is a question I get asked fairly frequently. It seems to me that mortgage brokers are deemed as a fall back option if the bank says no. While our services do extend to this assistance there are far more valuable reasons why you should consider approaching a mortgage broker before contacting your bank.

Did you know there are now more than 15,000 mortgage products on the market? That’s the highest since 2008. With so many products and options to choose from how do you discover which is the best fit for your situation and how can you possibly know if you’re getting the best deal? At Number One Mortgages it’s our job to know which product will suit you best. We conduct a fact finding session with you to take a snapshot of your circumstance and listen to your objectives to ensure that you are recommended the correct product for your situation and the best deal for your circumstance.

No single lender can rival the choice of a mortgage broker. If you go to the bank you will be offered some choice, and probably find a mortgage that somewhat fits your circumstance (if they will lend to you). This might be ok, but wouldn’t a better fit that ticks all of the boxes be favorable? Of course! A tailor made suit that fits like a glove is far more desirable than an off the peg which just fits. The experience of working with a mortgage broker is like getting a tailored suit and the end result is far more desirable.

A study last year found that the average mother in the UK gets 17 minutes to herself each day! With most of us having very little spare time between working, sleeping, keeping fit and household chores finding the time to search for the best mortgage product seems impossible. Let a Mortgage broker do the leg work for you, and you can benefit from the confidence that your mortgage product is the best deal for you.

Keep up to date. The low rates lead to an increased number of mortgage products being launched all the time. Number One Mortgages are specialists in the industry and can inform you of any new products which will better match your needs.

A bank rate rise is still looming but a mortgage broker can advise you on key times of year where more desirable products become available, such as year-end offers as banks strive to hit their annual targets.

Contact Number One Mortgages to benefit from expert advice and mortgage recommendations based upon your requirements and circumstance. Take the leg work out of finding a mortgage and be sure you’re getting the best deal. Tel. 01273 736536 or enquire online.