How much value would a new kitchen really add to your home? | Number One Mortgages
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If you’re planning to sell your home in the next few years you might have found yourself considering home improvements to make which are likely to add value to the property. In this article we look at whether it is worthwhile investing in a new kitchen prior to selling.

Try before you buy – Test the water and market your property with the kitchen as it is. It should be clean and presentable to appeal to prospective buyers, of course, but it’s not always necessary to re-fit the whole kitchen, as in truth it might not be putting buyers off. If it’s just a bit tired and old, this may not be a big deterrent. Make sure you ask the estate agent whether anyone is giving feedback on the kitchen and make an informed decision based on people’s comments. Try to discover what buyers would offer for your property as it is, then decide if adding a new kitchen would improve this offer enough to warrant the price tag of a new kitchen.

If you do decide to fit a new kitchen in order to improve the re-sale value of your home it is smart to ensure its neutral, so it is likely to appeal to more potential buyers. If you’re considering remortgaging to fund the inclusion of a new kitchen you can obtain advice from a mortgage expert by contacting us.