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Make house hunting simpler

Rightmove is crucial to a successful property search nowadays as the UK’s leading property listings website. With supply vs demand on housing still outbalanced. It is likely you will find yourself competing with several other home buyers during your search for a property that’s right for you. You can stay ahead of the competition with these simple tips on how to make the most of Rightmove’s lesser known features. Saving yourself time and money and enabling you to use Rightmove like a pro.

Draw Your Search

Draw your search allows you to pin areas on a Google map to draw the outer edges of your search area. This is a really clever feature which is great if you are specific about the area you wish to move to.

If you create a Rightmove account (this is free) you can then save your drawn searches to use again and again.

Filter Results

Once you’ve set up your basic search criteria e.g location, price, bedrooms and type of property, you reach the results page. Loads of lovely houses to browse through. Great. Except you soon realise that some have no parking or garden and these are definite must-have’s for your new place. Or more commonly you want to exclude shared ownership scheme or retirement properties from your search.

Instead of scrolling through each listing and clicking to check if they meet your requirements. Use the ‘filter results’ option.

This feature is a bit hidden. Probably because Rightmove wants you to browse through as many houses as possible. But you can find it towards the bottom left of the results page. This will save you a lot of time trawling through each listing to see if it matches your criteria.

Map View

This feature shows the filtered properties in your search as points on a Google map.

Not only is this very useful for planning your viewings it also helps you gain a better understanding of the location of each property on your list.

Perhaps you are keen to be close to the school, but you don’t want to be too close to the park. The map view helps you see the properties in relation to other local landmarks.

Sold House Prices

Found the one? The home that ticks the boxes and you want to make an offer. Great news! But before you do it’s worth checking what other properties in that area have sold for. This will give you a good understanding of what your seller may be expecting to accept an offer. It also gives a bit of weight to your negotiations. This feature also allows you to gain a better understanding of the market value of properties in your search area.

One Email To All

This feature saves a hell of a lot of time. Registering with local estate agencies means that you can be notified as soon as a property matching your criteria is added to the site. But, it can be a lengthy process to call or email them all individually.

Rightmove offer a handy ‘one email to all’ service. Write your message and select from a list of local agencies, then press send. As simple as that!

Property Alerts

Last but by no means least. Property alerts are probably one of the most important features Rightmove offer. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Alerts you when properties matching your search criteria are added to the site.

In order to stay ahead of the competition for properties, these email notifications can help ensure you are one of the first people to view and be given the opportunity to make an offer.

In your Rightmove account, you will see a list of your saved searches plus an option to toggle on property alerts.

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